SHINee member names according to Google Voice Search (isp. by x) searched by birth names
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when you say someone is pretty/handsome and then someone else is like “they got plastic surgery tho :/” like does that change the fact that they’re cute as hell now?? no

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video games are a wonderful escape from reality until you see your reflection in the loading screen

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bts choreography

namjoon: in the front half the time, probably standing there looking cool as fuck while he raps
yoongi: swag
jungkook: really good dancing, gets the center a LOT, generally just does all of the really hard moves and manages to make it look easy. wtf
taehyang: sometimes gets the center, but most of the time when the focus is on him it's during some trick or smth (see: getting "shot" in no more dream)
hoseok: a lot of really cool wild dancing while he raps. sometimes he jumps around?
jimin: doin flips since 1995
seokjin: who
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